Casa Ortis - Paluzza

Casa Ortis, a modest "hotel pension" located in Paluzza, offers a cozy accommodation accessible to all visitors, characterized by its simplicity and authenticity. Its position near the Moscarda Tower, an ancient remnant of a defensive system that included two towers used for control and customs, gives the pension a unique historical and scenic charm. 

In Paluzza and its surroundings, you can engage in various activities, such as skiing and cycling. Casa Ortis is located 29 km from Weissensee and 47 km from Bovec (Plezzo in Italian). The nearest airport is Trieste, 87 km from the property.

Casa Ortis - Via Alpino Silvio, Scenic Road, 16, 33026 Paluzza (UD)

Tel. +39 349 544 6591