Live every moment, create authentic memories.

Immerse yourself in the pleasure of experiencing nature, of slowing down and enjoying an area, giving more value to your time and savoring every moment. Rediscover the essentiality of a place that is centered around the sense of belonging and community, among villages, woods, valleys, rivers and Alpine lakes. Imagine finding well-being and balance, between a walk in the mountains, moments of relaxation or at the table. This is the richness of Carnia: a mix of nature, culture, history and traditions, in the heart of the Carnic Alps. Today, respecting history and traditions, this cultural heterogeneity is alive and strong more than ever and is reflected in the community's sense of belonging.


Awaken your spirit of adventure!

Explore new trails, breathe fresh air and reconnect with nature. Take time for yourself, treat yourself to a hike and discover the beauty that surrounds you with us. Download the calendar, choose the date and the experience that suits you... Book or give the best outdoor activities!


Explore Carnia. Enjoy the Zoncolan. Every season is worth experiencing. 


A network of partners and facilities ready to turn your stay into a perfect experience.

With us you will feel at home, even better! From the widespread hotel, to the restaurants, to the small shops, the warm and authentic welcome of its inhabitants will give you a unique and unforgettable experience... you are part of our little universe and we will welcome you as if you were "un dal pais".


Discover the charm of widespread hospitality

Live a country for the hotel.  Renovated barns, old stables, alpine houses rich in history and experience that become, inserted into the architectural, historical and natural context, creating a unique and fascinating environment, a new holiday model.!