A territory rich in age-old traditions, fascinating history, vibrant culture, genuine people, and natural landscapes. Nestled among the folds of the majestic Carnic Alps and gentle hills, Carnia emerges as a hidden jewel in the heart of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Here, amid towering peaks and rural villages, lies a precious treasure made of millennial history, vibrant culture, and culinary traditions that enchant the senses and nourish the soul. Traveling through these lands, one traverses centuries of history, tangible everywhere: among the mountains and small villages in an incredible cultural, historical, and religious heritage.

Every corner hides a small, yet rich universe waiting to be discovered.

This is why the landscapes of Carnia are not mere postcards to be photographed, but are living places of tradition and culture, in a delicate balance between nature, man and animals. It is something you feel inside, and you only realise it when you explore our places.  The Carnic Alps offer enchanting places to be discovered: alpine lakes nestled between mountains, rock faces, Great War trenches, alpine pastures and dense forests that are tinged with warm colours in autumn, creating a breathtaking natural spectacle.

A Place to Discover, a Land to Live!

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Folklore Tradition

The culture of Carnia is not confined within the walls of churches, which are central to all the villages. The villages are alive with a vibrant folklore tradition, manifested in the popular festivals that have been passed down through generations.

Each typical product of Carnia has its own dedicated festival, where the authentic and genuine flavors of tradition blend with the joyful notes of folk music.

Traditional costumes, songs, and dances tell the authentic soul of this land, celebrating its unique and unrepeatable identity.

The interaction between art, culture, nature, and various visual languages conveys a desire to enhance a territory that clings to a sense of belonging and community. To make it true, fascinating, and authentic to the human eye.

Culture and Traditions Shape the History of a Place

A Journey Through Time

Cradled by centuries of history, Carnia is a living stage of past epochs. Every corner of this land tells stories of a fascinating and authentic past.

The rural villages, with their stone houses, old barns now converted into tourist lodgings of scattered hotels, and cobbled streets, exude the atmosphere of a bygone era, jealously guarding the age-old traditions that animate them.

But the true protagonist of this journey is nature, generous and lush. Here, between the mountains and valleys, one breathes the pure and crystalline air of an untouched world, where man and nature live in harmony. It is an invitation to slow down, to be captivated by the slow rhythms of rural life, to rediscover the pleasure of small things and simple gestures.

Memories of an Indelible Past

The Great War

Many years have passed since the Great War, but the woods and mountains of Carnia hide ancient secrets: old fortresses, underground tunnels, and remains of trenches still stand as silent witnesses of a conflict that Carnia experienced with particular intensity.

These silent testimonies tell stories of courage and sacrifice, of men who fought with all their might to defend their land and their communities.

But the forest is not just a witness to the past; it is also a refuge and protection for the communities that inhabit these lands. Every tree, every stone tells a story, a fragment of a past that must not be forgotten. And the forest, with its reassuring and majestic presence, continues to protect and welcome the communities of Carnia, jealously guarding the memory of those distant days when the roar of arms echoed through the mountains.


Gastronomic Tradition

But the true essence of Carnia is unleashed through its traditional dishes, true masterpieces of simplicity and authenticity. Carnian cuisine is a riot of robust and genuine flavors, the result of a long culinary tradition that is deeply rooted in the fertile and generous soil of this region.

The cheeses, produced in the alpine dairies according to ancient recipes passed down from generation to generation, are a delight for the palate and a tribute to the skill of local shepherds. The cured meats, expertly seasoned using ancient artisanal techniques, are a hymn to tradition and Carnian savoir-faire.

Then there are the traditional dishes, such as polenta, frico, and brovada, which tell stories of farmers and shepherds, of hardships and satisfactions. Each bite is a journey through time, a sensory experience that takes you back to the most authentic roots of Carnian culture. The festivals are a must-visit for lovers of good food and conviviality.