Travel Stories

Travel Stories


We believe that every journey is a tale to be written. And for this reason, we want to share with you some of these tales, true testimonies from those who have lived our experiences first-hand. Through surveys, e-mails, phone calls or simple chats, we have collected a series of logbooks that reflect the variety and richness of the experiences we offer.


Create your own unforgettable stories with Visit Zoncolan. It is an authentic immersion in the beauty of nature and local culture, an adventure that leaves indelible memories and experiences to be shared.


Travel Emotions with Visit Zoncolan: tell your story..

Every story is unique, a journey made up of emotions, discoveries and authentic connections with nature and people. We are pleased to present some of these stories, each representative of a type of experience offered by Visit Zoncolan. It is an authentic immersion in the beauty of nature and local culture, an adventure that leaves indelible memories and experiences to be shared..

Ph. Nuovi Giorni
Horseback Excursion

Horseback Trekking: Thrilling Discovery of the Wild Nature.

"With the sound of our hooves beating the path, we ventured with the instructors from Visit Zoncolan - Morgana and Vanessa from Randis Ranch - on this horseback excursion through the villages of Sutrio and Paluzza towards a mountain hut. Crossing ancient forests and rushing streams, we felt the wind on our faces and were enveloped by the scent of wild nature.

Definitely challenging (though we had trained a couple of times at Randis Ranch), but the steady pace of the horse allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the surrounding environment, observing the majestic trees that stood out against the sky and listening to the echo of birds singing among the leaves. Every bend in the path brought us a new surprise, with breathtaking views and glimpses of pristine beauty. Once we arrived at the splendid Malga Pramosio, we felt welcomed by the warmth of the hosts and the authentic flavor of the local products. Seated around the fire, we shared stories and laughter, making this experience not just an adventure in nature, but also a moment of connection and sharing with those who share the same passion for the outdoor life!"

Alessia and Giuseppe, Udine

Snow Excursion

Incredible Snowshoeing: Amid Breathtaking Scenery and Utter Silence.

"With snowshoes on our feet and hearts full of excitement, our group ventured under a brilliant sun along snow-covered trails to reach Casera Chiansaveit from Casera Razzo: a mountain hut situated at the foot of Monte Bivera. The muffled sound of our steps in the snow, the enchanted landscape unfolding around us, and the sensation of absolute freedom made this excursion an experience to remember forever.

This place is not among the most frequented tourist destinations in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto, but it definitely becomes the perfect destination for those who love to snowshoe in silence and enjoy ski mountaineering in complete peace.

This excursion with Visit Zoncolan was truly unforgettable, an opportunity to embrace the wild beauty of the Carnic Alps, guided by the expertise of our guide whose stories and training filled our hearts with joy and gratitude for all that nature has to offer."

Silvio, Michele, Eleonora, and Marika, Pordenone


Trekking in Pal Piccolo: A Breathtaking Historical Experience.

“I recently participated in a trekking organized by Visit Zoncolan in the fascinating Pal Piccolo, and I must say it was a breathtaking experience.
The guide was extremely knowledgeable and passionate, and led us along scenic trails that offered spectacular views of the area's pristine nature.

One of the most memorable moments was when we reached a panoramic point that provided a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks.

I was speechless at the beauty of the mountains and was able to take some incredible photos to keep as memories. I highly recommend this excursion to anyone who loves nature and wants to immerse themselves in stunning landscapes. Thanks to Visit Zoncolan for this unforgettable adventure!”

Giulia from Milan

family and children activities

Family with Little Ones: The Thrilling Milking Adventure.

"Delving into the roots of rural life, we had a one-of-a-kind experience: milking cows and goats at a local farm was exceptionally exciting for both our children and us as parents. Our youngsters, aged 4 and 7, were brimming with enthusiasm as they picked up the secrets of this age-old profession, interspersed with sips of fresh milk and petting the animals. I'm confident these experiences will remain indelibly in our memories of this extraordinary day.

Our kids were thrilled and never tired of bombarding the farmer with questions, who responded with patience and shared lots of fascinating details about farm life. The visit also provided a chance to sample and purchase authentic local products to bring home and share with friends."

Dorian, Veronica, and Lavinia from Trieste